Change the way you invest

Our proprietary software solution consumes market data and using sophisticated mathematical analysis, delivers actionable investment management insights to advisors.

Reactive and proactive

Harnessing the Power of
Sophisticated Technology

An ever-changing market requires EdgeTech’s uniquely reactive and proactive portfolio technology.

Innovation is the core value

“Once you get out of the innovation business and into the justification business, you begin to head out of business.”

Who we are

Sophisticated Analytics,
Simple Solutions


Through your partnership with EdgeTech, we act as your back-office investment committee. Our technology will provide trade recommendations based on its daily analysis of the market’s price movement. You can then implement these recommendations for your clients’ portfolios. There’s no complicated software to learn, process to master, or data to interpret.

What we solve

How our technology helps

Practice Management

The most valuable time in an advisor’s day is the time that they spend with their clients. Sometimes this has to take a back seat to administrative, clerical, and investment responsibilities. Let EdgeTech help with the investment responsibilities so you can spend more time with your clients.

Fee Justification

Every aspect of the financial services industry has been hit with fee compression. Cost is only cost in the absence of value and EdgeTech-powered investment strategies can be the difference that sets your advisory practice apart from the competitors.

Legacy Planning

Advisory firms with a quantifiable, repeatable, and transferrable investment management solution can command a higher multiple at the time of sale. EdgeTech can help bring value to your practice no matter what stage of the life-cycle you are in.

How we help

Designed to fit you

Our quantitative approach can be custom-tailored to accomplish a wide range of advisor and client needs.

Our Approach

Advisor Testimonials

Over the last 10 years, my firm has come to trust and rely on Al and his team at EdgeTech Analytics for what we feel is one of the best asset management tools in the business.  Participation and Protection are not often seen in the same sentence, but my clients have comfort knowing that we have a defined process in place that responds to market movements, no matter the direction.  ETA continues to innovate and we are fortunate to not only refer to the entire EdgeTech team as partners, but also friends



I have worked with the team at Edgetech for over 17 years, even before they transformed into Edgetech to serve the financial advisor community in helping them manage risk through asset management tools.  At that time, the team was operating an RIA serving their own clients and convinced by other advisors to help them, including me, looking for solutions they were implementing already.  Thanks to Edgetech, I was able to navigate through 2008 and 2020, and all the other years before and in between, with confidence.   This was accomplished by my utilization of Edgetech tools to serve my clients with their strategies that balanced growth and significant downside solutions vs riding out the storm at all costs however low markets may go.  This has been a powerful tool that has given me and my clients confidence to stay focused on what really matters about stewardship of financial resources rather than constantly trying to figuring out the illusive fair value of markets.




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