Founder and President Al Scofield early on understood Moore’s Law of the exponential growth of computing capacity and the extraordinary value this held for analyzing securities prices. The seed of what became EdgeTech was planted in the mid-1980s when Al, after having taken out a loan to buy one of the most powerful consumer computers then available, wrote his first software algorithm investment model. Al continually improved his source code and analysis along with the rapid development of technology through the ‘90s as he used his insights to aid his investment advisory practice.

Fellow investment advisers curious as to Al’s process and recognizing his success within the industry eventually inquired as to Al’s unique approach to active management. It was then, in 2002, that Al decided he would share his custom-designed software innovations with the financial advisory community. EdgeTech Analytics, LLC was later established in 2007 to help bring the technology to more advisors and their clients across the country.



EdgeTech is committed to creating a relationship with each advisor and asset manager that fully utilizes our technology, helping them to realize the full potential of their practice. To accomplish this, we have built a dedicated team that provides personalized training, custom investment models, and white-labeled marketing support for each and every partner.

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Al Scofield


Al Scofield is the President of EdgeTech. Al’s visionary approach, knowledge of markets, and passion for algorithmic technical analysis led him to develop the user-friendly software for financial professionals to use to analyze securities pricing data for mutual funds, ETFs, and indexes. He has over four decades of experience in the securities industry. Over the years, Al has been recognized and honored for his sales and service by many industry organizations, most notably Oppenheimer Funds, SunAmerica Funds, Integrated Resource Equity Group, and Security Service Network. He served on the advisor board for Integrated Resource Group as well as Security Service Network, where he was named Advisor of the Year.

Al and his wife live in Sharon Township, Ohio. Both are active members in the Christian church that they helped found, Discover Church. They have five grown children and seven grandchildren. In his spare time, he enjoys working with cars, especially Corvettes.

Drew Harpel


Whether it’s athletes, musicians, mathematicians, or inventors, Drew has always given reverence to those who are able to break concepts down to their most fundamental levels and begin to rebuild them in ways that have never been seen or thought of before. He and the team at EdgeTech are passionate about taking those same unconventional approaches into the investment technology space and directly to advisors and their clients.

Working closely with both the development and distribution teams, Drew oversees implementation for all EdgeTech partnerships. Nearly a decade in the fin-tech area has taught Drew that no two advisors or clients are the same and each comes with their own unique set of opportunities. Finding creative solutions for any advisor can only be done by leveraging technology to do so and is at the heart of what Drew does every day.

Casey Urdiales

Chief Compliance Officer

Tom Foushee

Sr. Software Specialist

Ben Walton

Software Specialist

Noah Meyers

Software Specialist

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